Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Studio Plans

I have started the daunting task of setting up an organizing my sewing studio. Up until now my sewing things have been scattered around my house and I sew where ever the mood strikes me. YIKES! Talk about messy, messy, messy, and not to mention terribly unorganized. I am creating my spare from room into my studio and have slowly getting furniture and such to go in it, mostly things my neighbors throw out when the Navy relocates them. Who wants to take that cheap bookshelf across country with them? Their trash, my treasure. I am spray painting and fixing up a lot of these things to make them coordinate. I am going to add some links of inspiration for y'all to look at. I want it to be like a mini boutique looking work space, a room style kind of like a nice booth in a craft fair so my completed work will display until it is sold.
I LOVE this one. She has to be one of my favorites ever! I love her use of color and organization.

Also, tell me, what are your great ideas on organizing and decorating a sewing studio? What rooms inspire you? What does our room look like? Once my room is finished I will post a blog tour of it and showing my organization and decoration tips. I cannot wait to have my room finished!


  1. found your blog by way of the quilting bloggers website. there is a yahoo group called "your sewing room" that has tons of links to organizational ideas and photos of studios. good luck with setting up your space...i find its an on-going process for myself. and i too and a huge fan of Mary Ellen's...makes me almost enjoy ironing!

  2. Thanks a lot for that tip I will have to check it out. My space is coming along great and I am so excited although I know I will always be tweeking it.