Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mary Ellen's

So today I had to go to Hancock Fabrics to get some bobbins and I stumbled across a basket with 50% OFF in bright yellow across it. Of course this got me interested. (I am a sucker for a sale) I saw that this basket held Mary Ellen's Best Press. I have heard great things about it but could never bring myself to buy it until now. Again, I am a sucker for a sale. It is usually a bit pricey but at four dollars I just couldn't say no and boy am I happy I didn't. This stuff is AMAZING. I used it to press a binding strip and it made the fabric so crisp and creased yet still very soft. I began finding myself wanting to iron ALL my fabric to make it this nice. I washed and ironed the fabric I will be using to make a quilt tomorrow and then cut it into pieces a little after and it was so much easier to cut and measure perfect little squares and strips. If you have never used this product I recommend you go get, and quickly too while it is still on sale! I cannot belief it made my fabric so much easier to work with and still left it so soft. I hope y'all enjoy this product.
P.S. Oh! And I got some little storage containers for my studio! I am so excited to get my selves up and use my new boxes to organize.


  1. I know I am loving it, I just went and bought more while it was still on sale.